5 Bad Habits That Cause Exhaustion

Posted by Anonymous (not verified) 6/11/15 - 2:53pm

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ExhaustionThis is not the right day and age to be so low on energy that you can’t get through the day. Busy work schedules, congested traffic and other day-to-day challenges require maximum energy levels. At times we go through phases or long periods of our lives where we feel absolutely exhausted and we don’t know what the cause is.

Here are habits that cause us exhaustion:

  1. Not drinking enough water. When we are dehydrated, our bodies slow down our blood circulation to conserve energy. This causes us to feel weak and drowsy. Make sure you drink at least 8 glasses of water every day to prevent your body from dehydrating!
  2. Not sitting or standing correctly. Bad posture causes your muscles and ligaments to strain and work harder and thus can make you feel tired. Keep you back straight and your shoulders upright at all times.
  3. Too much caffeine. With every high comes a low. Drinking too much caffeine can cause exhaustion and fatigue. Limit your intake of coffee and other caffeinated drinks and rather opt for foods that are rich in energy such as apples, raisins or nuts.
  4. Being exposed to light when you sleep. Complete darkness helps you achieve a proper sleep. Make sure no lights from computers, phones, night lamps, etc. are left on.
  5. Bad diet. Eating too little or the wrong foods can make you feel weak and tired. Make sure you eat a healthy, balanced diet with as little refined sugars and processed foods as possible.

If you still feel fatigued and tired, you may need to visit your doctor to see if you have a serious health problem.