7 Ways To Love Your Body This February

Posted by Anonymous (not verified) 2/1/16 - 1:38pm

healthy lifestyleFebruary is the month of love! And boy, do we love to love! According to CNN, $2 billion (more than R16 billion) is spent on flowers and $2 billion is spent on candy every year over this period. I believe that February should be a month of love, but we should focus on loving our bodies! February has been dubbed healthy lifestyle awareness month, which is convenient after all the indulging we participated in over the holiday season! Here is how you should love your body this February:

Ditch your morning cup of coffee

Being a coffee lover myself, I am well aware of the struggle one has to go through when giving up coffee, but the struggle is worth it! There are alternative drinks that you can start your day off with that won’t prevent fat burning and the elimination of toxins. Half a lemon and 1 tea spoon of apple cider vinegar on an empty stomach will give your body the kick-start it needs!

Stop drinking your calories

Most soft drinks, warm drinks, milky drinks and even fruit juices contain waaaaaay too much sugar and too many calories; worse off, the sugar in these drinks don’t satisfy you; it causes you to crave more sweet things while not sufficiently hydrating your body! Drink water instead; filtered if possible. Water eliminates toxins from your body thus enabling your internal organs to function better.

Get enough rest

Sleep plays a massive role in your mental, emotional and physical wellbeing as well as for your general safety. Some people need more sleep than others; you just need to figure out how much your body needs to function efficiently.

Eat nutritious foods

Diabetes, obesity, high cholesterol and high blood pressure are caused by bad diets. Make sure that you:

  • Limit processed foods that are high in sugar, fats and sodium
  • Replace all bad food with organic fruits, vegetables, whole grains and lean meat
  • Eat enough fibre
  • Limit your portions
  • Consume all necessary vitamins and minerals

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Move your body

Regular exercise is an important part of living a balanced, healthy lifestyle. You should make sure that you do about 30 minutes of exercise five times a week. This also includes basic day-to-day activities such as washing your car, walking to the super market and gardening. Along with a healthy diet, exercising can also help you lose weight, prevent diabetes and minimise your chances of getting heart disease. You may also want to read: Couples that sweat together stay together

Cut down on the cigarettes

Many dangerous diseases are linked to smoking cigarettes, including: heart disease, various cancers, chronic bronchitis and emphysema. Although quitting this habit may not be easy, there are effective ways to break the addiction.

Limit alcohol intake

Drinking alcohol, even just for fun, can have many consequences, especially if done over a long period of time. From brain damage and cancers to lungs, liver and kidney problems, the effects excessive alcohol are dangerous and therefore alcohol should be exempt from your life if you are trying to live a healthy, balanced lifestyle.

Make use of medical care

Make sure that you have a medical aid that covers your medical expenses so that you can make use of doctors and specialists when you need to.   Remember, you only have one body; love it! 2016-02-01 03-24-17 PM

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