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The Effects of Smoking

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When calling to compare medical scheme quotes they will all ask you the same thing: “Do you smoke?” This is standard for all medical aids because of the effects smoking has on your health. It has a negative effect on almost every organ in your body so not asking would be irresponsible.


Why you should get a Medical Aid Scheme for your Employees

medical aid scheme for employeesThere are multiple benefits to supplying a new medical aid scheme for your employees. The health of employees should be high up on the list of priorities of people in charge of commanding a team. The well-being of the team will have a direct influence on the well-being of your business.


Why Medical Aid is Essential for Mothers-to-be

Medical aid savings; medical savings accountHaving a baby is extremely expensive, so you’ll want your medical savings account nice and substantial so that you are prepared for anything. Your extensive medical aid savings should ensure your pregnancy and early infant care goes as smoothly as possible.


Who is a comprehensive medical plan intended for?

comprehensive medical aid coverComprehensive medical aid is any medical aid that covers you for both solid hospital cover and day-to-day medical benefits. Dimension Elite, for example, is a comprehensive plan that includes separate insured chronic medicine benefits.


World AIDS Day

As the last month of 2016 approaches and we’ve had a chance to reflect on illnesses that many of us aren’t affected by, and on others that we know all too well, we find ourselves once again uniting to show support and raise awareness about HIV/AIDS and commemorating those who have passed away under this illness.


Providing your employees with a medical aid plan is beneficial all around

Many companies debate the discrepancies of whether or not they should provide their employees with medical aid. The financial implications of such a contract agreement are often what makes companies sceptical about implementing medical insurance into their employees’ contracts.


Alert! A breakthrough for Alzheimer’s

Healthy lifestyleA few weeks ago we discussed Living with Alzheimer’s Disease: How to Improve Daily Life, which explained 8 ways that you can improve your healthy lifestyle as an Alzheimer’s patient. Today we are excited to share with you that there has been a breakthrough in the medical world as scientists create the first drug to halt Alzheimer’s disease!


Must-Have Prostate Cancer Screening Tests for Men

Medical Aid Scheme As one of the most common forms of cancer in men, prostate cancer is found in a man’s prostate – a walnut-shaped gland producing seminal fluid in order to transport and nourish sperm. Some forms of prostate cancer grow slowly, not causing any serious harm, whilst others can progress rapidly – making it life-threatening. If you think you may have problems with your prostate, keep reading.



7 Ways To Love Your Body This February

healthy lifestyleFebruary is the month of love! And boy, do we love to love! According to CNN, $2 billion (more than R16 billion) is spent on flowers and $2 billion is spent on candy every year over this period.


Teens With Aids | #AidsMustFall

medical aidNumber 1 Killer

AIDS is officially the number 1 killer of adolescents in Africa. According to CNN, the number has tripled in the past 15 years even though efforts to prevent the spread of the virus have been well underway.

Getting to Zero