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Healthcare | Celebrating World Polio Day

As people from different parts of the world prepare to mark World Polio Day on 24 October, it is important for everyone to remember that polio has not yet been eradicated. While the viral disease may be under control in some countries, the threat of new outbreaks in any part of the world is always present. VACCINATING A CHILD    


Fraud in the Healthcare industry is costing members a fortune

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International data suggests that losses due to healthcare fraud and abuse may account for between 3% and 15.4% of claims paid – with an average of approximately 7%.  Applying these estimates to South Africa is likely to give a more realistic picture, suggesting that fraud costs may vary between R 3 billion and R 15 billion each year.



Choosing A Medical Scheme

3D Medical Aid Crossword Block Button text The medical sciences have advanced phenomenally in the last century. Scientists have found ways to create organs from microscopic cells and can even use 3-D models to print them. Vaccines, cures and treatments have been revolutionized in countless ways.



Ebola risk in South Africa is likely to enter South Africa through OR Tambo International Airport as opposed to any other way says Health Minister Aaron Motsoaledi in the National Assembly. 11 hospitals are equipped and ready to deal with Ebola.



Women's Month Breast Cancer

Pink breast cancer awareness ribbon in handWith August being Women’s month, we focus on a very important aspect of women’s health in the form of a dreaded disease. Cancer, and specifically breast cancer, is still the biggest threat to the vast majority of women.