7 habits of an unhealthy student, and how to change it.

Posted by Anonymous (not verified) 1/26/17 - 10:59am

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Healthy lifestyle choicesDid you also realise, when you first moved out from your parents’ house, how much of your day eating takes up? Think about it, it’s the trip to the store, the meal preparation, and of course, setting time aside to enjoy your meal in a healthy way, i.e. at a table and with other people (if possible), and not in front of the television or computer. 

Even if you contributed to cook and go to the store while you were still at home, it’s a different story all together when you move out. But unhealthy eating lifestyles are far too common among students. These unhealthy habits have heavy detrimental effects in the short and long term.

The 7 things students do all too often:

-don’t drink enough water while they are studying
-eat oily, unhealthy take-aways
-buy cheap food like instant noodles, loaded with MSG
-eat really fast (in between classes, before rushing off to a party etc.)
-eat at inappropriate times (well after midnight, while driving etc.)
-practice binge drinking
-forget about drinking probiotics and vitamins

What students can do to improve their healthy lifestyle easily:

1. Budget and schedule your shopping

This will ensure that you buy decent, fresh food at a regular basis without accidently wasting money. It will also ensure that you don’t fall into the trap of wasting food by letting it go off because you forget that you have it.

2. Do meal preps

Meal preps are not only for fitness fanatics who are counting calories and following strict diets. It’s difficult to cook for one person, so why try? Practice recipes that can be frozen, cook up a storm of it and freeze it for later. This will save you a lot of time cooking!

3. Carry healthy snacks with you

Almond bars, liquorice, nuts, raw vegetables, fresh and dried fruit, seed mix, protein bars, drinking yoghurt and dark chocolate are a few examples of healthy snacks that you should carry with you. Not only is eating regularly better for you, but having snacks will stop you from the tempting urge to buy unhealthy take-aways when you are hungry, but not at home yet.

4. Always drink water

This is the most important rule. Water is your saving grace to a healthy lifestyle, and there are no two ways about it. Drinking water will make it more forgivable when you slip up with unhealthy food! Being hydrated will also give you better skin and a better metabolism.

 5. Practice fitness

If you haven’t already, now is the time to join a fitness centre, a multi active sport club, or to start taking those daily jogs. When your body is healthy and your brain is refreshed, you will be a lot more motivated to keep your healthy lifestyle going!