Alert! A breakthrough for Alzheimer’s

Posted by Anonymous (not verified) 8/5/16 - 11:07am

Healthy lifestyleA few weeks ago we discussed Living with Alzheimer’s Disease: How to Improve Daily Life, which explained 8 ways that you can improve your healthy lifestyle as an Alzheimer’s patient. Today we are excited to share with you that there has been a breakthrough in the medical world as scientists create the first drug to halt Alzheimer’s disease!

The drug is called LMTX and is a real medical benefit as it has been proven to slow the disease down by 80%. Although other medications such as donepezil are used by patients to relieve symptoms, it shows no effective sign of stopping or even reversing Alzheimer’s disease. Dr Serge Gauthier, of McGill University, presented the results to the Alzheimer’s Association International Conference in Toronto and stated that it is the first time that a drug has reduced the rate of brain atrophy.

Up until now, it has been discovered that LMTX does not show the same effect in those taking the drug in conjunction with other Alzheimer’s medication. “There were highly significant, clinically meaningful, large effects in patients taking the drug as monotherapy, and no effect in patients taking it as an add-on,” Claude Wischik, a founder and the chief executive of TauRx, said in an interview in Toronto.

This new therapeutic product has taken 30 years to develop but it has shown a significant effect among patients with mild to moderate symptoms of the disorder. Alzheimer and dementia are diseases that start developing in the brain 30-50 years before the first signs show, which means that anyone around you can already be falling victim to it without knowing. This is an extremely alarming wake-up call thus we are excited to invite this new discovery into the medical world in South Africa.

Read more to find out how this new drug targets tau angles, which explains the transmission of abnormal proteins that form tangles in cells and may explain how Alzheimer’s spreads throughout a patient’s brain.