Applying for a Medical Aid Scheme as a Young Adult

Posted by Anonymous (not verified) 5/4/17 - 12:36pm

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medical aid schemes and hospital plansIf you are a young adult who has never had medical aid independence, you need to get a medical aid scheme. You may be lucky enough to receive employee medical aid if you are employed and eligible for this.

First, go for a full medical check-up. This creates a baseline that will set the precedent for a healthy lifestyle. This basic information will help you answer potential medical aid questions more sufficiently. It may reveal any chronic conditions that are yet to surface, or just make you more comfortable to know you have a bill of good health.

Set a budget
Have a rough idea of what you are able to pay every month so that you can compare quotes efficiently.

Remember student benefits
If you are not financially independent, be sure to ask if the medical aid scheme offers a student plan. Every cent counts!

Hospital plan or medical aid?
You will have to decide if you are better off paying for a hospital plan or a medical aid.

Consider chronic Medications
If you do have a chronic condition that needs daily medicine, make sure to choose a medical aid scheme that will cover costly medications.

Find doctors in your area
It may not be your family doctor, but at least the consultation fee will be covered. especially if you are a student away from your parents.

Ensure emergency cover
Verify that you are eligible to receive emergency services and make sure that this applies to hospitals/clinics in your area. 

How does Employee Medical Aid Work?

If a company offers its employees medical aid, it usually works as a group membership where the workforce has access to medical attention and regular check-ups. There are many plans to choose from, depending on the nature of your workforce. Medical aid for your employees can draw a strong workforce and improve productivity in the workplace.

Consider your options carefully and make sure to take advantage of any benefits that you are eligible for. Welcome to the real world, make sure your medical aid scheme has you covered!