Check Our Weekend Health Goals!

Posted by Anonymous (not verified) 2/9/17 - 2:47pm

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preventative health careHow come as soon as we hear the word weekend our entire healthy routine vanishes into thin air? I think the biggest mistake we make after a long working week is treating our weekends as the “letting-go” time of the week. Bad health choices over the weekend cannot always be undone in the week, which is why you should live a healthy lifestyle even over the weekend to prevent sleep issues and weight gain.

Set Yourself the Following Healthy Weekend Goals

#1 Watch what you eat

After having a disciplined diet all week, you have probably been looking forward to that decadent chocolate desert, or that extra cheesy pizza for quite some time. However, weekend indulgence plays a role in weight gain, especially if you eat foods that are calorie-dense. To avoid overeating over the weekend:

  1. Eat like it’s a weekday
  2. Avoid buffets when eating out
  3. Avoid snacks, such as Astros and fizzy drinks at the movies
  4. Stick to drinking water instead of fruit juices and soft drinks

#2 Avoid too much alcohol

 The weekend may seem like a celebratory occasion with many reasons to drink. Perhaps you completed an important report, got through a very busy week or made a fantastic sale and now you’d like to have a few drinks to celebrate. This is not a problem, but it depends on what alcohol you are drinking, how much you are consuming and how often you go out drinking. Make sure you are aware of the amount of alcohol you consume to prevent the health risks too much alcohol can cause. To avoid the health risks of alcohol:

  • Limit the amount your drink
  • Only drink one night of the weekend
  • Avoid drinking soft drinks with spirits as these are high in sugar and calories
  • Never drink alone!

#3 Get Enough Rest

Don’t ditch your sleep schedule just because you don’t have to go to work in the mornings. Changing your sleeping patterns throws you off your schedule completely and affects your eating patterns too. Practise the following good habits:

  • Relax, whether it be catching up on your favourite hobby, reading or meditating
  • Avoid sleeping in for too long
  • Get enough sleep on Sunday night

#4 Keep Active

You don’t have to be active all weekend, but don’t skip out on exercise and physical activities over the weekend. Follow these tips to keep active and healthy:

  • Pick an activity for the weekend; perhaps an off-road bicycle ride, a park run or a gym session
  • Spend time outdoors
  • Plan trips to a zoo or theme park, or any place that will keep you up on your feet
  • Walk around while on the phone
  • Clean your house by yourself

#5 Make Time for Your Doctor’s Appointments

Finding the time for essential preventative health care during the week can be nearly impossible; often so much so that it is neglected altogether. Plan your check-ups over the weekend to ensure you keep up-to-date with your health.