Living with Alzheimer's Disease: How to Improve Daily Life

Posted by Anonymous (not verified) 6/29/16 - 8:05am

alzheimers diseaseAlzheimer’s, as with many brain disorders, can have a devastating effect on your everyday life. However, that doesn’t mean you have to stop enjoying what life may throw at you on a daily basis.

You CAN live a healthy, functioning life by implementing the following tips:

1. Get into a routine:

Familiarise yourself with a daily routine to avoid unnecessary frustration and time spent trying to figure out what to do next. Daily routines are also necessary for feeling purposeful, and gives you a sense of accomplishment once you’ve achieved the following tip.

2. Set realistic goals:

Living with Alzheimer’s disease can limit your daily tasks and ability to achieve them. The key is to set realistic goals each day and ask for help if need be. The last thing you want is being stressed over something you can’t control.

3. Be kind to yourself:

If nothing else, be kind to yourself. You didn’t choose Alzheimer’s disease any more than Alzheimer’s chose you. It just happened, so treat yourself with the utmost kindness. The world can be cruel to things it doesn’t understand.

4. Recognise stress triggers:

Some individuals may not understand the need for extra time trying to accomplish certain tasks. In which case you need to recognise and pay attention to those triggers causing you unnecessary anxiety and stress. The best thing you can do is explain your situation and choose whether or not you want to participate in certain tasks.

5. Ask for help:

There’s absolutely nothing wrong with asking for help. In fact, most loved ones prefer the option to help, rather than watching you helplessly go through something they can’t control. This may alleviate some of the stress and feel the love of those close to you.

6. Implement sticky notes:

If all else fails, use sticky notes. They’re great for writing down short notes, things you may forget. So go with the flow, and make your life colourful with an array of sticky notes everywhere. Once you’re done with a particular task, you can throw it away.

7. Approach one day at a time:

The key to living with Alzheimer’s disease is taking it one day at a time. Tomorrow has its own set of troubles, so only focus on what you can accomplish today. This will alleviate a lot of stress and anxiety trying to keep up with the world around you.

8. Find acceptance:

Acceptance coming from yourself is much more valuable than being accepted by those around you. There will always be misunderstandings and misconceptions from individuals who can’t place themselves in your shoes. The best thing you can do for yourself is to accept that you have Alzheimer’s disease, and live each day exactly how you want to.

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