Providing your employees with a medical aid plan is beneficial all around

Posted by Anonymous (not verified) 10/31/16 - 8:03am

Many companies debate the discrepancies of whether or not they should provide their employees with medical aid. The financial implications of such a contract agreement are often what makes companies sceptical about implementing medical insurance into their employees’ contracts. If you’re wondering whether or not you should provide your employees with a medical aid plan, read the following pros:

Force people into healthcare

There are too many people in our country who are not on an active medical aid plan. Even some people who have a substantial income prefer not to join a medical aid. This is a huge problem in South Africa because our public hospitals are overpopulated and often short of staff and resources. More companies need to raise awareness on how important health care is from a young age.

Increase morale and productivity

It goes without saying that happy and healthy staff are more productive in their work space. Taking away the financial burden of a medical aid plan will not only relieve your employees’ stress levels, but it will also ensure that they are as healthy as they can possibly be. This will help your company reach its goals through all tummy bug epidemics and changes of season illnesses. Let your team members know that you value their health by giving them a medical aid plan as an incentive to work hard and stay committed.

Remain competitive with other companies

Word of mouth spreads fast, especially now that word of mouth can be shared online. Once people start talking about how great your company treats its staff members, your company will rise above all the rest. Also, by offering a medical aid plan to your employees, you are guaranteed to find the best candidates to fill available working positions.

Create equality

Although people aren’t supposed to talk about their pay slips, everybody knows who makes more money in the office. You can make lower-income employees feel happier and more secure about their current income by financially supporting them with a medical aid plan. Respect and appreciations stems from incentives, so reminding your staff members that you care about all of them equally will promise endless benefits.

Always remember to compare medical aid plan prices so that you make the best decision for your company and its employees.