Sound Advice on Choosing a Wheelchair

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wheel chairWho Needs the Wheelchair?

Compare buying a wheelchair to buying a car. A wheelchair, like a car, is enabling. Wheelchairs vary on

  • How they look
  • How they feel
  • How they respond
  • What they enable the user to do
  • How much they cost


Because everybody differs so immensely, you will need to consider the person who will be using the wheelchair: ensure that they are happy with their means of mobility before buying the wheelchair. Remember to take age, gender, body type, activities they want to do, places they will go, preference and reason for being in a wheelchair into consideration.

What Types of Wheelchairs are Available?

Electronic wheelchairs.

These wheelchairs are ideal for disabled seniors, especially those who want independence. An electronic wheelchair will enable a disabled person to get around on their own with minimal assistance needed. Plus they won’t have to exude a lot of energy going from one place to another.

Portable wheelchairs

This is another type of wheelchair that is ideal for seniors who travel a lot. Portable wheelchairs are lighter than power chairs as well as easy to fold and load into a car. The aluminium material ensures that the chair is durable and at the same time light in weight.

Extra comfort wheelchairs

Comfort is essential for wheelchairs, especially seeing as though the user will be using it to get to places often. Comfort Embrace Wheelchairs, for example, have been especially designed for comfort.

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Meintjes & Neethling has a team of professional staff who are ready to help you choose the best wheelchair. We provide in-house service as well as the option of reimbursing costs through your medical aid, depending on your current medical aid plan.

If you want to buy a wheelchair, take a look at the following questions, then give us a call on 012 807 5598.

  1. How often will I use the wheelchair?
  2. Where do I need to go?
  3. What kinds of activities do I want to do?
  4. How will I transport my wheelchair
  5. Who will help me when I need help with the wheelchair? Which wheelchair features will help them?
  6. Is my house wheelchair friendly?

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