What Medical Aid Scheme to Choose Based on Your Age

Posted by Jeanne Conradie 5/10/17 - 4:17pm

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Medical aid cannot be denied to a person based on their age, gender or pre-existing conditions. The minimum age for medical aid cover or a hospital plan without being a dependant is 18.

To know more on when a medical aid scheme can deny you cover see the article linked below.

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Young Adults

If you are a young healthy individual you may forego medical aid cover altogether because you think you don’t need it. This is problematic for two reasons: firstly, because life happens and with no medical aid cover or even hospital plan this could spell disaster when you do need cover.

Secondly, you may be subject to a late joiner fee. The late joiner fee exists to stop medical aid schemes losing money when people don’t have medical aid while young and healthy. This prevents people from waiting until they become ill to join a medical aid scheme.

The late joiner fee can be up to 75% and your cover can be given a waiting period of up to a year. Nothing is guaranteed, being young, wild and free is not a good enough excuse anymore. Get medical aid cover today!

Young Families

A hospital plan may not be sufficient for a young family. Your medical aid, however, cannot deny the cover of any dependants so your children will receive the cover you pay for.


Adults may list children over the age of 18 as dependants, though the rates will increase.

You may want to reconsider your cover as you grow older, especially if you need cover for chronic conditions. It’s not particularly necessary, but in the case of future operations and medications it may be worth reconsidering your medical aid cover or hospital plan.


Older individuals are not allowed to be denied medical aid cover but the cut off age for a hospital cash back plan is 65 years. You may wish to get a medical aid if you are not already the member of a medical aid scheme that covers you for any chronic conditions. It is important to note that your plan should have unlimited access to doctors diagnosis, scans and tests to stay in peak condition.