Why Medical Aid is Essential for Mothers-to-be

Posted by Anonymous (not verified) 4/13/17 - 3:35pm

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Medical aid savings; medical savings accountHaving a baby is extremely expensive, so you’ll want your medical savings account nice and substantial so that you are prepared for anything. Your extensive medical aid savings should ensure your pregnancy and early infant care goes as smoothly as possible.

Your medical cover should include care that looks after your baby’s needs.


Throughout your whole gestation period you should be covered for hospital stay in case of emergency and plenty of doctor’s visits to know what is going on in your womb. Other cover includes:

  • 1 prenatal visit per month from the second to the seventh month (Week 4-Week 28) of your pregnancy
  • 1 prenatal visit every two weeks in the seventh to the ninth month (Week 28- Week 36) of your pregnancy
  • 1 prenatal visit for every week after the nine month or 36 week trimester has passed
  • 2 two dimensional sonar scans
  • 6 pregnancy consultations per year


It’s show time! The day has arrived and you are off to hospital to welcome your baby into the world. Your medical aid should cover:

  • Emergency transport services for labour, unlimited ambulance cover
  • Delivery of the baby
  • Intensive care if necessary for mother or child

Infant care

Your medical aid will cover the new-born baby as a dependant and any complications can be handled as they arise.

  • Vaccinations: HPV, Pneumovax and Standard immunisation for children younger than 7 years old
  • Speech and hearing aids
  • Artificial limbs
  • Wheelchairs
  • 2 free consultations from general practitioners or specialists for babies younger than a year old

The care of a mother-to-be needs to be available at all times because pregnancy can place emotional and physical strain on the mother, even if all goes to plan. This stress can affect the growing baby so a medical savings account is essential to growing a healthy and happy child.

You’re covered by your medical savings account so you can relax, eat happily for two and keep the growing bun, safe in the oven. Once the baby is born you may lose sleep, but not over your medical cover.