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If You’re in Your 20s, Stop doing These Things NOW

Medical aid schemeWe’ve all heard words of wisdom from our mothers, aunties, grandmothers and other older woman. Usually, the older we get, the more sense advice that we get from the more experienced makes.


Calm down, and breathe

In through the nose, out through the mouth, right? Deep inhale, slow release. We have all heard these instructions before- when we were scared, anxious, panicking, or maybe even just when we were nauseous.

Who is a comprehensive medical plan intended for?

comprehensive medical aid coverComprehensive medical aid is any medical aid that covers you for both solid hospital cover and day-to-day medical benefits. Dimension Elite, for example, is a comprehensive plan that includes separate insured chronic medicine benefits.


Can An Executive Medical Plan Save You Money?

affordable medical aid plan Getting medical aid cover is a priority that South Africans often place relatively low on the funding hierarchy. Statistically, most South Africans prefer to prioritise funds around mortgages, car premiums, school bills and even cellphone contracts. It’s understandable that we have a whole list of monthly expenses and we face a lot of pressure trying cut corners, but medical aid really is a prudent measure that carries real benefit in the end.



The Secret to Staying Healthy In A High-stress World

project management courses Staying healthy and finding time to exercise when you’re dealing with a 9-hour workday can seem a little daunting, especially when you’ve other responsibilities that need your attention. Though this problem is tricky, the truth is that humanity is resilient and resourceful.


Why Vitamin Sea is All You Need This Summer

health and fitness

December, the month we have all been waiting for, has FINALLY arrived! And… what better way to enjoy the Friday of the months than by driving down to the sea! There’s nothing more exuberating than relaxing on the beach, enjoying sunshine, cocktails and the sea itself.


10 Reasons Why Your Should Have A Sugarless Summer

health and fitness Over the summer months, we break away from our usual routines and find that our eating, sleeping and exercising habits are not as stringent as usual. Finding little ways of being healthy without spoiling all your summer fun is not as difficult as you think it is.


Forbes List of Healthiest Sports

exercise Health and fitness is an ongoing trend all over the world. The problem many of us are faced with when it comes to keeping a healthy lifestyle is the vast amount of advice available to us.


Scuba Diving: Ever Wonder Why They Call It An Extreme Sport?

compare medical aid quotes Diving is the pinnacle of excitement for any would-be summer explorer. Delving into the deeps to find out what lurks beneath the waves is a privilege that not many get to experience or have the courage to undertake! Scuba diving is classified as an extreme sport and taking part in scuba abroad, etc. often demands special insurance and medical aid.


World AIDS Day

As the last month of 2016 approaches and we’ve had a chance to reflect on illnesses that many of us aren’t affected by, and on others that we know all too well, we find ourselves once again uniting to show support and raise awareness about HIV/AIDS and commemorating those who have passed away under this illness.