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Managing your Medical Aid Savings Account

Piggy bank and stethoscope isolated on white There are a wide range of Medical Schemes available in the market, so you can be rest assured that there is one that is exactly right for you and your family’s healthcare needs.  Day-to-day medical expenses like doctor and specialists consultations, radiology, and pathology are covered from the Medical Savings Account.


Trans Femoral Amputation Rehabilitation starts on the Theatre Table

rehabilitationIn a perfect world, prosthetic rehabilitation should be treated holistically, meaning the amputee should be part of a team of specialists that is committed to his rehab. The first step is the amputation, and therefore, it is the point where the amputees rehab starts.


Lower Back Pain Syndrome

living healthyLower back pain is one of the most widely experienced health-related problems in the world. This condition may occur suddenly and be unclear in onset; result from major trauma or multiple episodes of microtrauma; have muscular and joint pain; involve single or multiple sites; and persist for weeks, months, or a lifetime.


Understanding “normal” Bio – Mechanics to help your Trans – Femoral Amputee

Bio – MechaA male prosthesis wearer in a training situation.nics of the human body while walking is very complex and most of the time difficult to understand.


Preventative dental care for children

Depositphotos_31800565_xsXgel for Dental Care

Use to clean gums and teeth and reduce the build-up of harmful biofilm. Xgel has been formulated to give the minimum daily amount of Xylitol required for dental benefits. Xgel also contains calcium and phosphate to promote healthy teeth and gums.

Protect Yourself From Illness During The Winter

Healthcare Professionals Staying healthy during the winter months when germs are on the warpath can be a challenge. There are many steps you can take to ensure you don't become the victim of the latest bug, and being vigilant will spare you from the usual winter illnesses.



Slipped disc and Sciatica

Depositphotos_8099891_xsBetween each vertebra of the spine is a disc of cartilage that acts as a shock-absorbing pad. These discs have a soft, jelly-like centre and a tough fibrous outer layer. If the disc prolapses, the fluid puts pressure on the spinal nerve roots.


Women's Month Breast Cancer

Pink breast cancer awareness ribbon in handWith August being Women’s month, we focus on a very important aspect of women’s health in the form of a dreaded disease. Cancer, and specifically breast cancer, is still the biggest threat to the vast majority of women.