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Stretch your way to a healthy lifestyle

Healthy Lifestyle No one can deny the satisfying feeling of a good stretch after being huddled up in the same position for a few hours, whether it’s after a long day’s work behind the desk or after an intense trilogy movie marathon. Imagine the medical benefits that a decent stretch can do for your body after an 8 hour slumber!


A Trip to the Day Spa Means a Journey to a Healthy Lifestyle

Everybody knows that there is a definite link between a healthy body and a healthy mind and that the one undoubtedly feeds off of the other. But where does the cycle start? Can an active lifestyle make the positive thoughts flow, and can a healthy diet really shine through your face like a ray of happy sunbeams?

Body and slimming treatments.


What Happens After An Amputation?

After an amputation, the surgical removal of a part of a limb or extremity, a patient requires ample care and medical treatment to ensure full recovery and rehabilitation. People of all ages, from various walks of life, receive amputations. This could be due to poor blood circulation, narrowing of the arteries, severe injury, cancer or infection.


Rethink Your Sleeping Pattern for a Healthier Lifestyle

Sleep is a vital indicator of an overall healthy lifestyle and well-being. Your sleeping pattern does not consist only of the amount of hours you manage to squeeze in between the sheets; it also means developing a sleeping pattern that will force your biological clock to follow a healthy and consistent routine.


How to Prevent Poisoning Within Your Home

medical aidThe normal, everyday household is a treasure chest of dangerous to consume, especially if you have a toddler or two running around. Which is why it’s extremely important to take precautionary measures to prevent possible poisoning in and around your home – protecting your family as best you can.


Alert! A breakthrough for Alzheimer’s

Healthy lifestyleA few weeks ago we discussed Living with Alzheimer’s Disease: How to Improve Daily Life, which explained 8 ways that you can improve your healthy lifestyle as an Alzheimer’s patient. Today we are excited to share with you that there has been a breakthrough in the medical world as scientists create the first drug to halt Alzheimer’s disease!


How To Effectively Slim Down This Winter

Rooibos tea rangeOver the past few weeks, the temperature has drastically dropped leaving us cold, lazy and, well, a little more hungry. It is not entirely clear why we crave more comfort, high-calorie foods in winter, but there are ways to resist gaining a few extra kilos over the colder months. 

Follow the tips below to make sure that you don’t put on weight this winter.


How to Effectively Treat Dry Skin: 4 Top Tips

Medical aidYou may be all too familiar with pesky dry skin during the cold winter months, especially if you live inland. Since your skin is the biggest body organ and is used to ultimately protect the rest of your vital organs, it is necessary to moisturise and keep your skin healthy.


Coping with Colic: Tips for Parents

ColicExperiencing colic for the first time can be a frightening and frustrating experience for any parent. Not only do you have to sit back and wait it out, but the endless crying of your child can be emotionally painful for you to experience. If you find yourself in this position, don’t lose hope.


Top 8 Health Tips to Live By

health tipsStaying healthy isn’t always easy – especially with all the temptation and abundance of confusing information out there. However, don’t let that stop you from being the best version of yourself that you can possibly be.


Here are 8 top healthy tips to get you going: