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Don’t Pass The Salt.

medical aid schemeHow much salt do you consume per day?

According to the World Health Organisation, adults should consume less than 5g of salt a day. This seems pretty easy, right? Well, not exactly. While many of us think that sprinkling less salt on our food will keep us safe from the effects of “too much salt”, we are horribly deceived.


Health Benefits of Owning a Swimming Pool

swimming poolsSwimming is the best way to cool down on a hot summer’s day! Owning a swimming pool enables you to cool off when you want and how you want.


Why Should I Join a Running Club?

running clubOne thing that all runners know (but never admit) is that long-distance running is totally absurd. I have been running for the last two years. Some days I love running and other days I vow to never run again, but at the end of every day I find myself tying up my shoelaces and heading out for a another run.

How to Ensure Excellent Oral Health

healthy livingOral health and dental hygiene are important for many reasons; 1. Everyone wants great, pearly white smile. 2. Not looking after your teeth correctly can cause excruciating tooth ache and other problems. 3. Fixing these problems can be costly. 4. You don’t want to lose your teeth because of neglect. 5. Prevention is better than cure (the golden rule).


Implement healthy living by enjoying a daily dose of chocolate!

healthy living   Chocolate probably has to be the best discovery since sliced bread. It’s always there when you need it, ready to listen to your problems, wanting to help by offering an experience that creates a euphoric effect on the brain by releasing feel-good endorphins.


Pre-menstrual cramps or Ovarian Cyst?

medical aid schemeAs a woman, you get to know your body pretty well. Usually you can predict when you’re going to get your monthly cramps, how long they should last, some women can even tell the difference between those kind of cramps and a stomach ache.


Tips For Students: Stay Awake, Stay Healthy, And Get That Degree!

medical aid schemeUniversity can be a world quite different to any other filled with a demanding and challenging learning curriculum, a crazy social life, financial stress, part-time jobs, as well as many other personal commitments.


Compression Stockings for Healthier Legs

compression stockingsSigns you may need compression stockings

Do you experience any of the following symptoms?


Daily Vitamins for The Stressed-Out Working Girl

living healthy

Let’s face it women are superheroes. We get up, get the kids ready for school, drop them off, fight the traffic to work, work a full, stressful, and demanding day, and then go home, make dinner, bath the kids, and put them to bed, before we snatch a few moments for ourselves and head off to bed as well.



Sleep deprivation ruining your life?

medical aid scheme, sleep deprivation The fact that you’re reading this most likely means you’re not getting enough Zzzzz’s at night, for whatever reason that may be. Perhaps you’re over-worked, have a lot on your mind or physically you’re just not able to fall asleep due to insomnia. Whichever one it may be, there are some serious complications if you don’t give your brain and body enough time to recuperate after a long and stressful day: