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The best exercises for your age group

medical aid scheme, healthy living   Our bodies evolve as we age, which naturally means our abilities and needs evolve along with the number. To ensure you get the most out of your workouts – which you should be doing on a regular basis, follow the below guidelines and get your booty back into shape!  



What Does Your Medical Aid “Network Option” Mean?

medical aidWhen joining a medical aid you will find that most schemes are available in a network or non-network option. This can be confusing if you do not understand as many believe that the network option will not be as good as the non-network option that is slightly more costly. Here is what network and non-network really means.


7 Ways To Love Your Body This February

healthy lifestyleFebruary is the month of love! And boy, do we love to love! According to CNN, $2 billion (more than R16 billion) is spent on flowers and $2 billion is spent on candy every year over this period.


Advice | Caring for an Aging Parent

Old and young handCaring for an aging parent may be one of the biggest, yet most rewarding, challenges that you take on in your life. Unfortunately, in today’s lifestyle, it can take up a lot of your money and time as well as add onto the stress that you already have.


UTI following you around?

Urinary Tract Infections are probably one of the most annoying type of infections you can have. If you’re like 40-50% of women, medical aid schemeyou’ll know exactly what I’m talking about. Left untreated, a simple infection can leave you having to seek emergency care. They’re caused by a bacteria, fungi or a pesky virus – and are often naturally fought by the body’s defence system. Sometimes you need a little help though, which is why it’s absolutely important to have a reliable medical aid scheme you can count on.



Secondary Drowning: What every parent needs to know.

Mother and son on vacationAs any good parent does, you keep a close eye on your child when they’re swimming – knowing that accidents can happen in seconds. You feel a sense of relief once your child leaves the pool, thinking he or she is safe once again. However, that’s not always the case.


How To Go About Visiting Your Eye Doctor

medical aid schemeEye health is something that should not be overlooked. When choosing an eye doctor, make sure that you choose the right person as maintaining a good vision is essential.

The three “O’s”

New Health Resolutions

early morning running takkiesDuring the holiday season we tend to let a lot of important things slide – healthy eating, exercise, sleep, and skin care to name just a few.  But, when the holiday season has come and gone you will find yourself looking around for New Year’s Resolutions that you can actually stick to – here are some ideas.



How to get back into a Healthy Routine 101

  Gethealthy livingting back into a routine is tough enough, especially after a long, relaxing holiday. For your own well-being though, you’ll be doing yourself a favour getting back into a healthy routine as soon as possible. In case you’re feeling a little bit lost as far as the “how-to” aspect of it, consider trying the following:


Health Effects of Technology

health effectsTechnology affects our daily lives in various ways. Recent studies prove that our social interactions with friends and family as well as our health can be affected by computers, cell phones and other devices.

Computer-induced health problems