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Your home can be making you sick!

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Dust may cause allergies and bacteria can make you sick, but this dirt and grime is not the only health hazard that may be spreading in your home! Research shows that roof stains, algae, lichens, fungi, moss, and mildew can lead to mould growth that can cause really bad health problems too!

Calm down, and breathe

In through the nose, out through the mouth, right? Deep inhale, slow release. We have all heard these instructions before- when we were scared, anxious, panicking, or maybe even just when we were nauseous.

7 Habits of Happy Eaters

Healthy lifestyleFollowing a healthy and balanced diet is not the only important thing when it comes to happy eating. In fact, there are a lot of unrecognised problems with the way people eat these days. If you want to have a healthy eating lifestyle, follow these 7 tips:

How you cook your vegetables affects your healthy lifestyle

HealhPrint Many people who have done it understand the struggle of changing over to a healthy lifestyle. Well, becoming the best possible version of yourself will always take time and effort- which is what makes it so rewarding, because you learn a lot about yourself, about food and about fun on your journey.


Keeping allergies at arm’s length this spring

Spring is in full swing and it’s difficult to be unhappy about it! Nothing beats being outside in the fresh air with flowers in full bloom during springtime. Unfortunately, falling victim to allergies this time of the year can really put a damper on everyone’s outside fun and healthy lifestyle.


3 things we tend to forget about oral health care:

Healthy lifestyle A trip to the dentist every 6 months is a pretty compulsory step towards a healthy lifestyle. Besides, dedicating 2 days of your entire year for preventative care is not too much to ask for if you want a beautiful smile.


Detoxify your skin towards a healthy lifestyle

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Detoxify your skin towards a healthy lifestyle.

Your skin is your body’s biggest organ and we often forget how much love and care it needs. Drinking enough water is one of the most vital aspects that will protect your skin, but there are other ways to give your skin the care that it needs in order for it to be radiant and healthy for a lifetime. Detoxifying your skin starts with what you put into your body, and improves further with what you put onto your body. Here are the most important things to remember when it comes to detoxifying your skin and choosing your skincare products.


Stretch your way to a healthy lifestyle

Healthy Lifestyle No one can deny the satisfying feeling of a good stretch after being huddled up in the same position for a few hours, whether it’s after a long day’s work behind the desk or after an intense trilogy movie marathon. Imagine the medical benefits that a decent stretch can do for your body after an 8 hour slumber!


Rethink Your Sleeping Pattern for a Healthier Lifestyle

Sleep is a vital indicator of an overall healthy lifestyle and well-being. Your sleeping pattern does not consist only of the amount of hours you manage to squeeze in between the sheets; it also means developing a sleeping pattern that will force your biological clock to follow a healthy and consistent routine.


Girls Who Eat Are Oh So Beautiful!

healthy lifestyleGirls, you are all oh so beautiful no matter how big or small, short or tall. Unfortunately, society places so much attention to thigh gaps, waste lines and protruding collar bones- and, if you are sweet and petite, you are gorgeous. What concerns me, though, is that girls go to ridiculous lengths to fit into a mould without realising that beauty is defined by so much more than weight!