Medical aid scheme

If You’re in Your 20s, Stop doing These Things NOW

Medical aid schemeWe’ve all heard words of wisdom from our mothers, aunties, grandmothers and other older woman. Usually, the older we get, the more sense advice that we get from the more experienced makes.


Can An Executive Medical Plan Save You Money?

affordable medical aid plan Getting medical aid cover is a priority that South Africans often place relatively low on the funding hierarchy. Statistically, most South Africans prefer to prioritise funds around mortgages, car premiums, school bills and even cellphone contracts. It’s understandable that we have a whole list of monthly expenses and we face a lot of pressure trying cut corners, but medical aid really is a prudent measure that carries real benefit in the end.



Full Medical Aid vs Hospital Cover: How to Choose

Medical Aid Scheme

Moving over to your own medical aid comes with its own set of challenges; from...



The Importance of the Infamous Pap Smear Test

Medical aid schemeAs women, we have to take care of our bodies, especially if we plan on having children later down the line.



Is Your Heart Skipping an Atrial Fibrillation Beat?

Medical aid scheme Having your heart skip a beat for someone you fancy is a good thing, but having irregular heartbeats due to your heart’s natural pacemaker failing is a very serious problem. If you find yourself skipping heartbeats for no apparent pheromone reason, you should continue reading this…


How to survive flu season with a man: 4 Useful Tips

living healthy Unfortunately, flu season is upon us. Whether you’ve decided to get the flu shot or not, you can still catch the nasty bug. The myth states that men suffer considerably more during this season if they fall victim to the virus, in which case you should be prepared.


Testosterone deficiency syndrome ringing a bell?

Medical aid scheme Are you experiencing symptoms that may seem uncommon, but you just can’t place them? Have you ever considered the fact that you may have too little testosterone? Also known as hypogonadism, this particular deficiency can be present at birth or occur later in life, affecting 5-8 million men in the United States.

Could you be a statistic in South Africa?


Oral pain and discomfort: 6 Top Reasons

oral hygiene Oral pain and discomfort is nothing to joke around about. The inside of your mouth can be extremely sensitive, loaded with many nerves. So when havoc wreaks, you can feel every little bit of pain from it. However, before treating that pain, you need to know what’s causing it.

Must-Have Prostate Cancer Screening Tests for Men

Medical Aid Scheme As one of the most common forms of cancer in men, prostate cancer is found in a man’s prostate – a walnut-shaped gland producing seminal fluid in order to transport and nourish sperm. Some forms of prostate cancer grow slowly, not causing any serious harm, whilst others can progress rapidly – making it life-threatening. If you think you may have problems with your prostate, keep reading.



Top 5 Tips for De-stressing Your Day

medical aid schemeStress can be a nasty thing, that usually creeps up on you when you least expect it. It happens so gradually that you may not even notice it until someone points it out to you. If left untreated, it can cause long-term damage and affect your life as well as relationships in ways you don’t want to imagine.